New National Assembly Building: Damnang Reahr and Reahr

02 Aug

New National Assembly Buidling
New National Assembly Building

The National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia was already built and celebrated on 07.07.07 at 07 am with participation of 2007 people. It’s the biggest construction of the Royal Government of Cambodia within this 21st Century, building in 28,049 meters square of land divided into 5 main buildings with more than 300 rooms and 3 meeting halls. The full session hall exists of 445 chairs.

BUT this is NOT my desire, as for me. It’s spent almost 30 millions U.S. dollars for the construction. Too many many trees in Ratanakiri, the northeastern province of Cambodia, were logged to equip the building. Moreover, as for just its one morning celebration on 07.07.07, it’s spent up to 4.7 millions U.S. dollars. Look at the picture below, the man who pulls his old cart from collecting garbage papers to sell, he earn only about 4000 or 5000 riels (about a dollar) daily.

For those who read my page, do you happy with the overcost building while so many KHMER people are hunger???
Parliamentarians or Damnang Reahr (Representatives of Citizens) or Neak Bamreu Reahr (Servants of Citizens) are working in excelent condition, eating good and expensive foods, living in excelent villas, using delux vehicles while the real Reahr (real citizens) are working in the dry or flooded fiels, eating less foods, living in old shelters or on sidewalk, using old ox carts, being as baggars, etc.

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